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Developing communication in the team

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Developing Communication in the Team – A Two Day CourseDeveloping Communication in the Team PDF

What’s it all about?


As we all know:  a team needs to keep talking and working in an open and honest manner in order to perform and develop.  Despite our best intentions, the ways that we tend to communicate usually provide some obstacles to working well together.

This programme is about identifying these tendencies and allowing the team to explore workable alternatives that can dramatically increase their effectiveness.

Individuals are given insight into their own and others’ working styles, and an opportunity to examine how best to combine them practically.
With two days to explore the subject in depth, this is a powerful and rewarding course where individuals return to work with a greater understanding of how their team communicates, a stronger relationship with their colleagues and a clear plan of action to continue.


Who for?

  • Teams with a desire to work together more effectively
  • Teams with members who work on different projects, but also need to support one another
  • Managers who work in different departments who need to support one another
  • New teams and teams dealing with a change of structure


  • Improved communication means more trust, support and understanding
  • A fun/relaxed atmosphere or more enjoyable working conditions
  • A platform for more easy problem-solving in the future

Can this be developed?


Yes. Many companies go for a one or four-day team building course rather than a two-day. The longer the course then the more in-depth the learning.




At a venue near you! The programme below may have to be modified a little depending on the geographical resources available, but we can run this at almost any conference centre or even in your own workplace. The prices below do not include overnight or residential costs as these vary depending on venue.


What’s included in the price?

  • Insurance (to £5m)
  • Pre-course preparation
  • Full facilitation
  • Activities, full safety equipment and staffing
  • Post-Course evaluation

How much will it cost?

  • Up to 10 delegates: £2,150.00
  • Up to 20 delegates: £3,950.00
  • Up to 30 delegates: £5,550.00
  • Up to 40 delegates: £7,150.00

Over 40 people: negotiable upon venue/numbers/activities


Developing Communication in the Team

2-Day Course Programme




Day 1


Introductions, Health & Safety and Icebreakers

  • Allow delegates to become more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. 
  • Helps delegates to express any hopes or concerns about the day.


Blind Leads:  trust-based task

  • Helps delegates to put their physical and emotional well being into the hands of their colleagues.
  • Highlights how trust forms a platform for better communication


Digit Dodge:  short, seemingly easy problem solving task with the theme of constant improvement.

Highlights how effective communication is essential to the problem solving process.


Coffee Stop



Spiders Lair:  a more involving physical problem solving task

Combines the aspects of physical and emotional trust with the problem solving process:  getting the job done whilst keeping teammates engaged and happy.


Working Styles theory and practice

  • Understanding the different working styles of our colleagues
  • Gaining a better understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses
  • Using each others working styles in order to work more effectively.





Low Level Ropes:  paired support in an unusual setting

  • Necessitates high levels of trust and support
  • Opportunity to stretch individual comfort zones


Coffee Stop



Shape Shifter:  a communications based task where everyone has some information, but no one has it all.

  • Highlights the problems with making assumptions
  • Shows need for clarification and checking understanding.
  • Shows how a seemingly impossible task can be achieved when everyone pulls together.


Team Development workshop:  looking at Team Development theory and matching it pragmatically and honestly to where we are currently within the team.

  • Gives delegates the chance to discuss the team and identify obvious strengths and weaknesses.
  • Uses discussion to highlight real issues in a constructive and positive framework.


Review of Day 1

Wrap up the day and clear up any misunderstandings or confusion.


Developing Communication in the Team

2-Day Course Programme




Day 2


Energiser and review of Day 1

  • Ensures that everyone is up and ready for the day.
  • Clears up any confusion or highlights any insights made during discussion overnight.
  • Allows an individual to highlight any planned Key Learning objectives for the rest of the day.


Board of Directors:  difficult communications-based problem solving game.

  • Highlights the need for clear understanding across staff teams
  • Shows the dangers of making assumptions about others understanding without checking
  • Great example of how people/teams wait to be fed information rather than actively seek it out.


Coffee Stop



Jigsaw: a complicated multi-tasking exercise that involves great amounts of communication, co-ordination and trust across sub-teams to get the job done.

  • Opportunity to apply the learning made so far with some added pressure.
  • Requires individuals to declare their own as yet hidden skills and talents.
  • Provides a good benchmark for how effectively the team is working.





Individual Feedback:  ‘How others see us’ – theory and practice in giving and receiving feedback in a positive and constructive manner. 

  • Will bring individuals in the team together.
  • People will see themselves and each other with different perspective
  • Helps acknowledge differences in working styles and helps reinforce the benefits of having varied strengths in the team


*High All Aboard:  High-impact, fully involving pole-based activity.
Team will be divided and each sub-group given crucial information needed to ensure success. 

  • Requires efficient and complete transfer of information combined with individual support and trust.
  • Shows what the individual can do with help.
  • A very memorable activity where EVERYONE depends on each other for success


Coffee Stop



Review and Action Planning

  • Wrap-up of learning points and areas for development.
  • Celebration of successes
  • Platform for continuation back in the workplace.


Post Course Evaluation and goodbyes





*  This is a High Level Ropes-based activity and needs to be completed at a venue with this facility.  If you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground, then we have a larger range of venues – or choose your own!



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