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Developing cross-team support

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Developing Cross-Team Support – a One Day Course Developing Cross-Team Support PDF

What’s it all about?


Cross-Team Support is about breaking down departmental barriers. Our inherent competitive tendencies often hamper our best intentions about working effectively with other teams. This one-day course explores this and demonstrates how much more constructively we can be when we work with and through other teams.


Who for?

  • Established Departments
  • New Teams or Businesses with different departments (eg Sales, Delivery, Finance)
  • Shift Teams
  • Teams with competitive identities


  • A concrete example of supportive inter-team working helping to make the day fun and profitable.
  • An idea of who your colleagues are (faces behind the phones?) will provide a platform for problem solving in the future.
  • A shared identity and fun experience to look back upon and use in the future.

Can this be developed?


Yes. Many companies go for a two-day or four-day course rather than a one-day. The longer the course then the more in-depth the learning.




At a venue near you! The course may have to be modified a little depending on the resources available, but we can run this at almost any conference centre or even in your own workplace. The prices below do not include day delegate conference facilities as theses prices vary depending on the venue.


What’s included in the price?

  • Insurance (to £5m)
  • Pre-course preparation
  • Full facilitation
  • Activities, full safety equipment and staffing
  • Post-Course evaluation

How much will it cost?

  • Up to 10 delegates: £1,200.00
  • Up to 20 delegates: £2,100.00
  • Up to 30 delegates: £2,900.00
  • Up to 40 delegates: £3,700.00
  • Over 40 people: negotiable upon venue/numbers/activities


Developing Cross-Team Support

1-Day Course Programme





Introductions, Health & Safety and Icebreakers

  • Allow delegates to become more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. 
  • Helps delegates to express any hopes or concerns about the day.


Two short problem solving tasks:

  • Bungee/Warp Speed

  • Digit Dodge

  • Introduction to the problem solving process
  • Indicates the base-line on the teams performance
  • Highlights the process for continual improvement


Coffee Stop



Double Vision:  complete two very different tasks under a time constraint, maximising the use of available resources

  • Requires tight co-ordination of two simultaneous projects
  • Necessitates complete co-operation and inter-dependence for either team to succeed
  • Simulates typical cross-team dynamics





Zest:  multi-stage project-based task.


  • Involves allocation of roles and resources across a range of disciplines
  • Continues the mornings’ theme cross-team interdependence in greater depth.
  • Replicates the pressure and complexity of project management


Coffee Stop



Review and departmental action planning

  • Wrap-up of learning points and areas for development.
  • Celebration of successes
  • Highlight areas in which each department can support the others in the future.


Post Course Evaluation and goodbyes







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