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Graduate Development – a Two Day Course


What’s it all about?


This course is all about induction and retention. After years of education, a graduate needs to be eased into the frenetic world of business. We will give your new graduates the skills that they need to be part of the larger team. This will include ideas and advice on working styles and how best they can manage their own learning and development in the workplace. They’ll receive lots of personal feedback from peers and trainers on their performance and will be given the opportunity to lead as well as follow.


Who for?


Post Graduates in their first to third year in the workplace




  • Promote the idea of self-starting and self-led learning.
  • A tool for increasing self-awareness.
  • Will create a shared identity and common working vision in the group.
  • A fun experience to look back upon and use in the future.


Can this be developed?


Yes. Can be reduced to a one-day course, or extended to five days. The more that it is extended then the more in-depth the learning.




At a venue near you! The course may have to be modified a little depending on the resources available, but we can run this at almost any conference centre or even in your own workplace. The prices below do not include overnight or residential costs as these vary depending on venue.


What’s included in the price?


  • Pre-course preparation
  • Full facilitation
  • Activities, full safety equipment and staffing
  • Post-Course evaluation
  • Insurance (to £5m)


How much will it cost?


  • Up to 10 delegates: £2,150.00
  • Up to 20 delegates: £3,950.00
  • Up to 30 delegates: £5,550.00
  • Up to 40 delegates: £7,150.00
  • Over 40 people: negotiable upon venue/numbers/activities


Graduate Development


2-Day Course Programme




Delegates will have some pre-course work to do (filling out a PPA psychometric on personal working styles) to use and experiment with on the course.

Day 1


Introductions, Health & Safety and Icebreakers

Allow delegates to become more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

Helps delegates to express any hopes or concerns about the day.


Trust Exercises

Helps delegates to put their physical and emotional well being into the hands of their colleagues.

Highlights how trust forms a platform for better communication


Two short problem solving tasks:

Bungee/Warp Speed

Digit Dodge

Introduction to the problem solving process

Indicates the base-line on the teams performance

Highlights the process for continual improvement


Coffee Stop



Jigsaw – a complicated multi-tasking exercise

Highlights the teams strengths and weaknesses.

Highlights individual strengths.

Provides the first platform for discussion





Psychometric Workshop

Identify personal working styles including strengths and weaknesses.

Identify how this fits into the larger team setting.

Identify specific areas for development





Personal Challenge: Zip Line

Allow individuals to challenge themselves

Ask for specific support for others.

Provide emotional and practical support for others who need it.


Review of the Day

Highlight learning made through the day.

Give delegates the opportunity to declare personal strengths and weaknesses.

Highlight individual action points for Day 2





Graduate Development

2-Day Course Programme




Day 2


Recap and review of Day 1

Ensures that everyone is up and ready for the day.

Clears up any confusion or highlights any insights made during discussion overnight.


Organisation, Challenge and Support: Self-managed High All-Aboard

Complete a high impact activities in a time constrained task and push comfort zones in an exposed area where DELEGATES (after training) will be running the show.

Identify and agree upon team and sub-team goals

Explore concepts of challenge, support and encouragement.


Coffee Stop



Personal Feedback

Identify reasons why feedback is important for professional development

Rules and advice for giving & accepting feedback

Practical session





Special Projects Group: a fast-paced multi-tasking business simulation that involves putting into practice all the learning made throughout the course.

Put the course theory into practice.

Put personal learning points into practice on the job.

Chance to support others whilst they try new styles.





Course Review: a walkthrough of activities completed and learning made

Highlight personal learning points made on the course.

Tie this in with practical examples in the workplace


Personal Development Plans

Highlights how we should be hungry for more learning.

Need for taking control of our own development – waiting to be fed doesn’t work in the workplace.

Put learning made into SMART goals to return to work.


Post Course Evaluation and goodbyes








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