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Developing Leadership

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Developing Leadership skills – Module 1 Developing Leadership skills PDF

Leadership for New and First Line Managers


What’s it all about?


New Managers frequently have concerns about being adequately prepared to deal with diverse situations and a demanding workforce.  This introductory course will arm your manager with a greater self-awareness by leading teams in different scenarios.  Through practical workshops and critique from peers and our own facilitators, your managers will identify their key strengths and produce an action plan for implementation upon return to work.

Who for?

  • New Shift and Team Leaders
  • Fast Track Managers and older Graduates
  • Managers looking for new skills to deal with challenging situations at work.


  • An increased self-awareness of management style.
  • A chance to discuss openly how to deal with situations at work
  • An opportunity to look at situations from a different (positive?) viewpoint.
  • A safe place to receive direct and relevant feedback on performance.
  • A reward for good work.

Can this be developed?


Yes.  MBTI Type Indicator is a great psychometric tool for this course.  Many companies go for two or four-day modules.  The longer the course then the more intensive the learning.




At a venue near you!  The programme below may have to be modified a little depending on the resources available, but we can run this at almost any conference centre or even in your own workplace.  The prices below do not include day delegate conference facilities as theses prices vary depending on the venue.


What’s included in the price?

  • Insurance (to £5m)
  • Pre-course preparation
  • Full facilitation
  • Activities, full safety equipment and staffing
  • Post-Course evaluation

How much will it cost?

  • Up to 10 delegates:  £1,200.00
  • Up to 20 delegates:  £2,100.00
  • Up to 30 delegates:  £2,900.00
  • Up to 40 delegates:  £3,700.00
  • Over 40 people:  negotiable upon venue/numbers/activities

Developing Leadership Skills Module 1

Course Programme

Time Activity



Introductions, Health & Safety and Icebreakers

  • Allow delegates to become more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. 
  • Helps delegates to express any hopes or concerns about the day.
  • Introduces delegates to the concept of experiential learning and feedback


Personal and Course Aims

  • Work through a set of priorities
  • Share common goals


Problem Solving Tasks:
Solve three problems; each requiring different management styles

  • Provide a platform from where to start.
  • Start of the feedback process.
  • Allow individuals to begin to experiment.





Discussion:  difficult events at work.  Highlight mistakes and successes

  • Provide a source of different viewpoints.
  • Look at diverse ways of problem solving.
  • Learning from mistakes


Communication Tasks:  three very different tasks where specific communication skills will be required for success

  • Further experimentation and feedback
  • More complex and involving tasks
  • Working through people ‘outside the box’


‘As others see us’.  Personal individual feedback from trainers and delegates

  • Provides unbiased pragmatic feedback
  • Platform for continuation back at work
  • Provides content to aid Action Pans


Post Course Evaluation and goodbyes